++ File links and file storage +++ Copy files into file storage The idea is to make right click menu option that will appear on file:/// links that will allow to copy the file to files folder of wikidpad. It might be usefull for example when coping a wikidpad to other folder like back up. BTW. Would it be hard to make all links, wiki wide to be copied and stored in files folder (same usage, i would want to copy whole wiki to other computer with all files that i linked to)? +++ Create hard links in file storage > is it possible to add the ability to add files to wikidpad like > hardlinks / symbolic > links using file system abilities? > now I'm doing this in two steps > create a link to file in > http://schinagl.priv.at/nt/hardlinkshellext/hardlinkshellext.html > and then copy it into the file storage > it allows to access the file regardless of its movements in future > it would be very convenient to do this in one step ++ Export, Insertions +++ HTML export without dead wiki links [Req. count: 2] However when I export something like a current page or a subtree the html has references/links to parent nodes that are not actually there. Is there a way to remove references to items that are not part of the export like parent nodes? *Remarks* Also remove from TOC! +++ Export of all pages or parts below subnode in "Views" tree [Req. count: 2] By "views" here I mean the various Views in the WikidPad tree, where you can see all ToDos, for example, and also all the pages grouped using WikidPad attributes. +++ Localize builtin "rel" insertions "top" and "back" (and maybe more) +++ HTML export not case-sensitive Solve problem with case sensitive html export, if possible. Wikidpad is in principal not case sensitive about file names, so it shouldn't be here either. +++ Handle insertions in context of surrounding syntax, e.g. in tables I'd like to be able to format the "columns" qualifier for insertions to wok in a table. If I insert an insertion into a table, then the contents come out in a single cell, even if I specify multiple columns. It would be useful to be able to specify the delimiter to make for nicer TOC / relative links etc +++ HTML export templates [Req. count 2] I'm definitely going to use the HTML Export function very regularly. Although I can use a custom CSS file to customize some things, what I'm really missing is HTML Templates. Something where I can add my custo header, path to images, footer, etc. I would like to be able to choose wether to display or not in the exported page: - the title of the exported page - the list of parent nodes - the line at the end of each page +++ HTML export restrict to pages modified within last x days > I regularly export my Wiki to HTML, so I can browse it on my phone when needed. But each time its exported, all pages are exported and all HTML files are re-created. And when copying to the phone, there's not really a simple way to know which pages have actually been modified. > > Meanwhile, I'll do a CRC comparison between the files and ignore the dates, but it would be nice and make it easier if in Wikidpad the user could select to export pages modified only in the last x day(s). +++ Place \ and other HTML header tags into header I'm impressed about the HTML abilities (nearly all html tags are recognized and preserved on export)! Question: is it possible to define "meta" tags (like ) which will be placed into each HTML header on export? +++ Export to CHM source Export to files compilable with Microsoft help compiler. +++ Show headings in wiki-TOC When using [:toc:] in a wikiword, it includes all levels of headings - and that's good. But when generating the TOC for a HTML export, it only lists the Wikiwords. It would be nice, if it could also list the Headings in the wikiwords, right below wikiword-entry but with an higher indent +++ Control tree structure for exports (HTML and CHM) Define a master page giving the requested tree structure to follow *Details* New page type e.g. "tree" with special controls. Same format as func. page "text blocks" +++ Option to set HTML title This is not critical but maybe it could be a feature in future versions. When exporting to HTML, the title tag is set to the name of the wiki and this title is set as browser window title as well as the header in PDF documents. This does not look so good when sending the document to customers. The only way to change the title tag is to edit the HTML code which is not very handy. My feature request is to have an option to set the title tag manually, for example the name of the saved export in the export dialog. +++ Build/export list of todo items with content +++ Whitelist for non-camelcase words to be recognized without brackets Like auto_link but on all pages and only for the words mentioned in the list +++ Insertion for siblings and subpages Are there insertions that can be used to list all subpages under the current page, and to list sibling pages (i.e. under the same parent)? I couldn't find this in the help wiki of version 2.1beta05. If this functionality does not exist, I hope it's not too complicated to implement? +++ Attributes on inserted pages processed by inserting pages is it possible to dó let html attributes on inserted pages influence the formatting of the inserting page? This would make it possible to use inserted pages as a type of style-sheet (colors, etc) for individual pages. This would require an extra parameter for the [:page:] attribute; yes/no process attributes switch. +++ "page" insertions as children Handle "page" insertions like links to other pages (show as children in the tree). *Remarks* First think about interaction with template mechanism. +++ HTML export: Should export XHTML [Req. count: 2] > 1. Is there anyway to export wikis as XHTML files? It seems like the > standard HTML export from wikidpad is pretty much consistent with > the XHTML spec except that the statement needs to specify a > namespace (e.g. ) and the > and statements are missing closing "/" characters. The > reason I ask is that I want to be able to use MathML, but firefox > only runs MathML in XHTML. +++ RTF export/import Also Word .doc wanted +++ PDF export +++ Insert spaces to wiki links on HTML export Example: Let's say I reference a wiki-word in some text: ++ Personal * HomePageToDo When Exported, have it look like:


Home Page To Do So, on the HTML page, it looks like "Home Page To Do". ++ Search +++ Auto-and search > * Simplified interface for boolean search: opens a > single entry, and all its input is interpreted as boolean AND. > Example: Input of "Wikidpad software changes" is interpreted as > boolean search for "Wikidpad AND Software AND changes". +++ Refresh search if in tab mode or as result list +++ Tolerant search > * Search option might be more tolerant for special characters. Eg. > search for "Rene" should find "René" and "Rube" should find "Rübe". +++ "Save search" button on bottom of fast search popup [low prio] So you could add a "save search" button on the bottom of the blue roll and save it for slow browsing in case you have too much results. +++ Pagelist: Exclude pages > Add an option to exclude the pages in the page list from the search, instead of > limiting the search tó those pages. > I could then create a page list/regex for the changelog pages and have those be > excluded. +++ Set number of lines instead of number of characters before/after search result as context +++ Optionally show each search hit in a page as separate entry in wiki-wide/fast search ++ Development/Plugins +++ Monospaced stddialog > is there a way to have monospaced font for message or additional in the stddialog? > > stdDialog(dlgtype, title, message, additional=None) +++ Plugin for context menu(s) [Req. count: 3] > How would I go about creating an additional entry in the right-click > context menu? Ideally, this would be possible with a plugin of type > "ContextMenuFunctions", but this seems not to be available currently. I see its possible to add items to the context menu by modifying WikiTxtCtrl.py in lib/pwiki, is there a way to to do this via the plugin api? ++ Ungrouped +++ Attribute to use wiki words case-insensitive [Req. count: 3] > I keep my entries pretty heavily cross-referenced, and most of them > are written in prose, so I usually use [Not Camel Case] wiki words, > and add aliases for pluralizations, -ing, -est, and other alternate > endings, so as not to break the flow of the writing. *Details* Different attributes for camel-case and non-camelcase +++ Direct single parent and indirect ones (uncles) [Nearly done, Req count: 1.5] > . either zero or one pages may claim a wikiword as its child. The > > > referrer page becomes the child's SingleParent. This happens by > > > appending an ! to a wikiword in the referrer page (MyChild!). It > > > generates \[SingleParent:Wikiword] in the new child page if and when it > > > is created, or adds it to the child page if the page already exists > > > and does not already have a SingleParent. This parent page will be the > > > SingleParent even if actual creation of the child page is delayed, and > > > even if creation comes from clicking on the wikiword in another page > > > that refers to the new wikiword as an uncle. Unless, of course, the ! > > > is removed before the actual page creation. > . deleting a ! reference to the child wikiword, either through > > > erasure of the reference or deletion of the parent page, raises a > > > dialog box that asks user to choose a new SingleParent, or let the > > > child be SingleParentless, or cancel the change. I guess this should > > > also happen if the user tampers with the generated > > > "\[SingleParent:Wikiword]". > Visual appearance: in the tree, the child gets a ! where it appears > > > under the father, and it is italicized under any uncles. In the uncle > > > pages the wikiword is italicized. This is necessary to differentiate > > > from pages that have no SingleParent. The View Parents dialog > > > similarly !s the father and italicizes the uncles. *Similar* > I don't know whether this idea would be popular to most users, but I > would find it very handy if you could specify a "canonical" or > "default" parent for a given WikiWord. > > There are several implications of this: > > 1. When you bring up the parent selection dialog, the canonical > parent is pre-selected. > > 2. When you follow a link to the WikiWord with canonical parent, the > tree would sync up such that the WikiWord in the tree would be > underneath its canonical parent there as well. > > 3. Optionally (this could be a WikiSetting) you might want the tree > not to display the WikiWord anywhere but under its canonical parent. > If you then defined canonical parents for several major areas, then > your web of WikiWords would take on a more outline-like view in the tree. > > 4. Note that the canonical parent might itself appear multiple times > in the tree, unless you define canonical parents all the way to a root. > > I think this feature would give you the best of both worlds--automatic > outline-style display in the tree, with manual control where desired. > I find the web-style aspect of WikidPad very hands-off, which is > nice, but at the same time, some of my data conceptually has a > well-defined hierarchical structure and it would be nice to always see > it that way. +++ HTML import [Req count: 4+2] This is one of the most important features for me. Perhaps it could be implemented as a translation. Pasted HTML would be translated to wikidPad equivalents. I currently use Zoot. I, and many others, are looking for an alternative because Zoot does not handle HTML or images. *Details*: Also option to just import text and URL links from clipboard (also with clipboard catcher). *Similar*: > I want to collect some information form the web page, when I copy the > content of the page to the wikidpad, all the URLs and the pictures are > not to be copied, but it's very easy to get it in another software > (onenote or evernote), Expect wikipad could add this function! +++ Selective escaping blocks [Req. count: 2] One small request: on the block escaping is there is way to block escape but leave in the link formatting and lists/tables? I may want to turn off bold, italics, etc., but leave in my wikiwords An even neater feature might be the ability to turn off all formatting of a certain type. <<* turns off bold, <<\_ turns off italics, etc. for people who have those codes in their normal pages. I'd like to be able to have a block of text that's basically some source code. I don't want wikipad to interpret it as wiki markup, but not just plain text either. For instance, either raw HTML code that's displayed as HTML in the Preview pane. Or maybe RTF (rich-text) content. This would let you have syntax-highlighted code that isn't treated as wiki text. (array references like abc[i] won't make wikipad think that 'i' is a hyperlink.) Alternatively, I'd be fine if there was a way to paste in the code and mark it up so that it doesn't wrap and indent and do weird stuff that the wiki rendering code does if it's not surrounded with <

+++ Attribute to switch off camelcase words as links in heading

+++ Option to switch off storing of presentation information

+++ Option to switch off storing of last visit timestamp

+++ Option to modify DB and other files only on substantial changes [Req. count: 2]
I use Wikidpad a lot to take notes and document various projects that I work on. I use Subversion for my projects and I keep the wiki with each project, checking it all in together.
If I open a wiki and then close it, doing nothing, the main .wiki file and wikiovw.sli files change and so are flagged to be checked in to the Subversion repository, this makes the repository quite dirty, with repeated checkins for files that really don't need to be checked in.
It's becoming a pain to remember to revert these minor changes before checking in each time.

I would love to see some sort of mode which changes wikidpads behaviour to not modify any files unless you actually edit something in the wiki.
I realise there would be ramifications of this such as it would no longer remember which page or tabs you had open from the previous session or the state of the tree, but I could live with that.

+++ Modify "created" timestamp
Sometimes I copy the content of older files into Wikipad. This creates an new page and of course the "created" date is the date of import. I would like to change Wikidpad's "Created" date to the date I actually wrote the text to make better use of the timeline.

+++ Formatting of numbered list numbers
> when I make the number of a numbered list bold, it will not show up as a
> correct numbered list in the preview

+++ Numbering in preview should follow edited numbers
> Using the supplied Wikidpad help file - in the Bulleted Lists section there is this (in edit mode) :-
> "
>     15.4.3. Put your cursor at the end of this line and press enter.
> "
> and it works quite happily - inserting 15.4.4
> However - if you swap to Preview mode - it becomes
> "
> 1. Put your cursor at the end of this line and press enter.
> "

+++ Internal: Send event before exporting to trigger updates (e.g. for ToDoExtension)
> Is there a way to update the ToDo page automatically when
> > the wiki is exported to HTML?

I'm afraid there is no way.

> > My wiki is automatically exported by crond using WikidPads
> > command line options

Good idea for publishing a html page.

> > and an automated update of the ToDo page would be useful.


> > I had a look at WikiPadHooks.py but it does not have
> > a hook for export.

I really would like to improve the extension regarding
automatic updates (for example when switching the tabs
to the todo page), but I don't know how, yet.

+++ More intelligent word-wrapping for Asian languages [Req. count: 2]
> When I set the auto-wrap checked, wikidpad doesn't know where to wrap the long sentences I typed in.
> It wraps the sentences not expected, which results awful displays in the edit view.
> The "other languages" I refered to is the ones that words = letters, in which I mean no spaces needed
> to seperate the words, like Japanese, Chinese and Korean.
Problem 1: Wrapping built into Scintilla
Problem 2: More information about Asian word-wrapping needed

+++ Go back from anchor
Hello, is there anyway to go back to my previous point before I jump to an anchor?
Should especially work if link and anchor are on same page.

+++ Use image title as alt text
Check if the image title can be used as/converted to the image "alt" text, as in \text

+++ Open func. pages without tree
E.g. as part of open wiki word dialog.

+++ Shortcuts to go to next/previous heading
> Are there keyboard shortcuts for folding and unfolding, as well as to
> skip to the next/previous header? (I guess skipping to the structure
> window and using arroes would be a workaround... if we could skip
> there ;) anyway it wouldn'i be very efficient)

+++ Don't fold empty lines above a heading
I would prefer that you didn't fold all trailing blank lines above the next heading

+++ Headings as aliases (partially done; missing: using as links)
> Wiki word: Movies
> ++Science-Fiction
> [alias:Science-Fiction - Movies]
>  * Star Wars
>  * Ziggy Stardust
> It would be a great feature for me (and you? please tell us here in
> your posting!) if WikidPad would have an option to produce an alias
> like this for all ++-headings without having to type all these. Most
> of my ++-headings are so important that I want them in the wiki word
> index to be able to open them with Ctrl+O (and having all of them in
> there wouldn't trouble me).

Is there a possibility to link to these pages / headings?
Wouldn't it be great if these headings behave just like there would be
a wiki word with that name?
Example: [Recent changes in Wikidpad] linking to the the page
"Wikidpad" because the page contains the heading "++Recent changes in

+++ Windows: Webbrowser should handle fragments of "file:" URLs
>> The only way to fix this would be to let WikidPad check the file suffix
>> and depending on a configurable list to start the browser directly.
> Maybe it would be enough to just check if the links ends with an achor
> (and check if the OS is Windows), in that case, retrieve the default web
> browser and as you said launch it directly.

+++ Option to set program to open file links depending on file suffix
i like to ask if its possible to open links (eg. file://...) with a
specific application based on the extension of the file. currently, it
opens the link with the default program of the computer.


i like to view all images (bmp,gif,jpg,png,tif) in "irfanview" not in
the default program of the current computer.

i just need to set wikidpad to open all links (file://.../*.xxx)
with extension bmp,gif,jpg,png or tif to pass it directly to

+++ "Save as" for wiki
Aka copy the whole wiki to new place and rename it.
Don't name it "save as".

+++ Command line call plugin
>> For example, the user could select some text in the editor and press a
>> kexy. The text would then be executed as if it was enter in a
>> console(=DOS box) window and the output would then added after the
>> selection in the editor (similar to the way as eval behaves).

+++ Command line parameters in URL
Wikidpad allows evoking a program:

Is it possible to tell which file myprogram should open?
 "[file:///C:/test1/test.tes mydatafile.text]" does not work.

+++ Toolbar button: Add version [Req. count: 2]

+++ Toolbar button: Export dialog
I use the export dialog a lot, so it would be very handy with an export dialog button in the toolbar.

+++ Make toolbar customizable

+++ New variants for "Wiki word to heading"
> 3) [New Feature] Add new variants to the settings list "Wiki word to
> heading" (Options>Current wiki>spaces) a) "Wiki word to heading
> uppercase only first letter" and b) Wiki word to heading all
> lowercase". Test example for "a": "????????????NoPainNoGain" --> "+
> ????? ??????? no pain no gain", test example for "b":
> "????????????NoPainNoGain" --> "+ ????? ??????? no pain no gain"

+++ Support archiving of pages no longer in use
extend/revise the Export feature to build a complete wiki of the selected subtree, with an option to remove subtree from the source wiki

+++ Second tree with configurable structure
Are you sure ? Is this a directive that must be followed at any cost ?
Or is it something that _at first sight_ contradicts the way WikidPad
functions ? Cause in my opinion, structure isn't out of the scope of
WikidPad. And if there are views that will help you structure things,
there might very well be, at least in my humble opinion a secondary
right-pane. Where you could structure things differently, independent
from the way in which linking imposes a structure. Why couldn't we
have an extra tree ? An independent and parallel one ? Two tabs for
two trees, one linking freely, another... "artificially".

For example, I group items to be done this week using the attribute
\[Current: 1_this_week], and I would like to be able to export and/or the
"1_this_week" view as a subtree.
Is there a possibilty to export the todo-view like an other subtree?

+++ Print of todos

+++ Print HTML with different renderers (not only internal one)
Printing a page with "HTML" rather than "Plain text" selected does not
use the selected HTML renderer. Is this intended behaviour? It does cause
some problems when rendering depends on e.g. WebKit features.

+++ Allow selection of page sets by view, by property
The way that I'm using it is to organize things by project, but to use
extensively the "View" at the bottom of the tree to group things by
using WikidPad's attributes (e.g. \[Current: Today]).

This way I can see at a glance all items with the same attributes.

My question is: is there a way to copy to easily print in the same page
(and/or copy to the clipboard) all the items with the same attribute?

+++ About Inter-process comm.
Or if there'd be an option to maximize it [already open instance] when I launch it 2nd time (I could create a hot-key to launch it).

> (1) if the wiki is already open - then a change of focus to the new page
> (2) if not already open then a new window - with its focus set.

+++ Go to already open wiki if called by a wiki: URL
Case scenario for it is like this.
I got one Wikidpad opened with already existing wikiword "Research".
I put a link to this wikiword in broswer, document etc.
When i click on the link i want to go to already opened Wikidpad but the the new window (new instance of Wikdpad ) is launched.

So I end up with having two Wikidpad windows opened.

+++ Hide configurable parts of View tree
> I just started using wikidpad and using it effectively. Just wanted to know
> one thing though, how to hide the unwanted views that are generated? i.e., I
> would like to hide the views like global, icon, color etc.

+++ Preview around current editing
I don't use the "Doc Structure" window (because it seems just the same as toggle folding to me). I was wondering if the same little window could be used instead to have a window on the read only preview of a page whilst in the edit mode? Just the lines around the line being edited, then you can more easily catch those hanging underlines and bold faces that regularly catch me out, especially when doing tables and things.

I guess it might be harder than it sounds :-)

+++ Attributes to control versioning
> b) Add a new keyword to Wikidpad vocab that will automatically create a new version whenever a page is edited - have it specific to pages
> c) Add a version limit (i.e. how far to go back) - default to something like 5 as a global default - but again have an page specific limiting option defined by a new keyword.
A little caveat to mention:

To react faster, WikidPad does some operations in the background. For instance the list of attributes stored on a page may be updated with a certain delay if a large page is changed and saved.

Other operations should never be delayed like saving of the page content and saving of versions.

So if you freshly add an attribute, say, [auto_version: onSave] it may not be known on the first save after change and has no immediate effect. Similar the deletion of the attribute is not immediately known to WikidPad.

+++ Bridge to external file differencing program
> d) Add an option (like the Graphviz setup) to point to an external file differencing program. Wikidpad would invole this external program at the 2 version of the file selected in the Timeline - and allow the external app (e.g. WinMerge) to visualise the differences.

+++ (Pre-)view with only attribs and/or todo items of a page
I thought about a possiblity to have a special view of a wikiword with only the keywords (todo, wait) ? (a view as easy as the actuel preview).

+++ Reuse already opened wikis on "wiki:" links
> If I understand you right, you want that if a particular wiki is already
> opened in a WikidPad-window and a "wiki:" link pointing to this wiki is
> executed, the window is reused instead of creating a new one.

+++ Reuse already opened tabs
If you click on a link for a page that is already open on another tab, wp opens the link in the same window as the page of the link, so that you have two open pages in different tabs. Would it be hard to change this so that the allready open tab comes into focus instead?

+++ Menu item (and esp. shortcut) to go to tree root

+++ Menu items to copy current word to clipboard
It would be helpful to have a "Copy WikiWord"
> command on the tab's context menu, and also on the Tree context menu,
> and the Wiki Page menu. We already have a "Copy URL to Clipboard" in all
> these places, but no direct way to capture the WikiWord itself.

+++ "Open Wikiword dialog" copy selected words to clipboard
I think it would be useful if there was a button on the open ww dialog where you could copy the selected wikiword(s) to clipboard.

Sometimes I would like to insert a word of which I only remember something in the middle. Open ww suggests based on text inside the ww which is something that the autocomplete does not.

+++ Renumber footnotes
is there any way to auto-number footnotes in the right order? Because
I always have to change all following footnotenumbers when I put a new
footnote between two existing ones.

+++ Input fields of wikiwords should process bracketed words
> There is a related gap on the commands "Append/Prepend Wiki Word" on the
> Tree context menu. They don't recognize WikiWords in square brackets. I
> think that's usually how we copy them, so these commands should probably
> recognize them either way...*and perhaps even prefill a valid WikiWord
> already on the clipboard*.

+++ More form field types
> Whichever of these solutions is embraced, I believe that something
> like &&t and &&T tokens should definitely be added to the FORM (not
> template) syntax, allowing explicit insertion of the space-separated
> (&&t) or non-space-separated (&&T) originating wiki words. Along
> similar lines, I believe that forms should interpret a variety of
> other auto insertion codes in addition to &&i. (The one that comes to
> mind as absolutely necessary is &&d for the current date/time.)
*My answer*
As these fields should be filled automatically when creating a new page from a template (unlike the &&i token) they should get some sort of prefix letter to distinguish them from &&i and because the space of available letters is rather small.

So I would recommend &&at, &&aT, &&ad as tokens. The "a" stands for automatic replace (not very creative, I know :-) ).

+++ Commandline option to not write to recent wikis list
> 3) --nohistory  [-w ]
> All entries in history are ignored and WikidPad is opened without a wiki.
> (See thread "starting WikidPad without opening wiki" on 09.06.2010)
> If a wiki is given with -w, WikidPad opens normally with that wiki,
> but without writing this one into the MRU history.
> That way it would be possible to create shortcuts to open
> special wikis without interfering with the history.
Support WikidPad without loaded wiki

+++ Insert time function
> 13) You have an 'insert date' function in the 'editor' menu. An
> separate 'insert time' function can be useful too. For example, if you
> make several notes on a particular day. The first time, you could
> insert the date, on subsequent occasions inserting the time would be
> enough.

+++ Hotkey to ScratchPad
Hot key to open ScratchPad page.

+++ Hotkey function page
Maybe a hotkey function page would be an option where users could specify thier own hotkey, page to open, and if it should be opened in a new or current tab.

+++ Catch source URL from clipboard data
> I don't know how other applications (e.g. Evernote) manage it, but it would be very handy if Wikidpad could capture the metadata of the Clipboard COPY command (e.g. the source webpageor source document, date etc, ). I guess this might be difficult to make portable between Linux and Windows - but it sure would be useful ("source" could be a tag variable) e.g.
> Clipboard Capture
> [source.http.20090826:tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/wikidPad]
See http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms649015(VS.85).aspx
See commented out parts in wxHelper.getTextFromClipboard()
Use CLipBuddy to explore

+++ Escape indentation and newline handling
There has to be a more structured way, to use html block elements.
The need exists for some sort of \<\\> block, in which the insertion of line breaks, the conversion of indents into unordered lists and possible other harmfull actions - don't think there are any? - are omitted. Except for the line breaks, etc., it should be roughly equivalent to the \<\<| ....\>\> table block.

+++ Support footnotes in inserted page

+++ Continuous export on startup (Partially done by commandline.
I love the continuous export feature -- VERY handy for how I use wikidpad.
Would it be possible to add an option to automatically enable continuous
export (using a specific set of export definitions) on startup?

+++ Allow own icon for each wiki (Done for systray)
Works for systray icon, but problems with main icon in Windows

+++ Limited number of characters per line in preview
>>> Thank you for your effort in this wonderful software.
>>> I wonder is there a way to specify "number of characters" for line
>>> wrapping in formatting text instead of using "number of words" in line?
>>> I try to use this great software in Chinese, but I got problem wrap long
>>> lines because there is no r'\W' to separate a "word" for unicode Chinese.

+++ Change mouse cursor when hovering over links
Change cursor to a hand as most browsers do

+++ Global attributes for default tree icon(s)
Everytime I upgrade wikidPad I have to change the page.gif icon in the
icon directory to get another default icon in the tree view for the

I would like a global attribute to change it, e.g. [global.view_icon:
folder] (and still have the [global.page.icon: iconname] working).

This is how it works:
I have a page called "Meeting20090922" with the attribute
[customers.JDInc.project: meetings].

In the view tree, "customers" and "Meeting20090922" get the users icon
since I use the [global.customers.icon: users] attribute. This is ok,
but "JDInc", "project" and "meetings" get the page icon, and that is the
icon i want to change globally.

Summary: I would like an easy way to change the page.gif icon.

+++ Syntax: Server side includes
Wikidpad's export function passes through HTML tags but unfortunately
it does not pass through definitions for server side includes like

More general options to modify syntax

+++ Allow config. of script keybindings
Probably the CTRL+number keybindings are hard wired to the inline
scripts? At least they don't show up in KeyBindings.py. I would
appreciate it very much if you could change that

+++ Command line automation
I would like to automate certain things like wiki word creation (for
example through other programs) Is there a way to pass arguments to
wikipad.exe that would perform certain actions on currently opened
database-selected database like opening or deleting a wiki word or
adding a sentence to end of a certain wiki word page?

+++ On drag and drop files: Convert to titled links
> There is a script that turns long urls to its file names
> (http://trac.wikidpad2.webfactional.com/wiki/UrlToLink),
> for example
> file:///C:/Users/Krzych/Downloads/sfjsetup.exe
> turns into:
> [file:///C:/Users/Krzych/Downloads/sfjsetup.exe |sfjsetup]
> It requires to manually highlight the link.
> What you think about doing and WP option to make it automatically on drag drop action?

+++ Allow spaces in bracketed URLs
[file:///c:\program files\a.txt]
should be equal to

+++ Suppress self-referencing auto-links
My only suggestion would be that it maybe shouldn't work on its own page? I mean, say I create a wikiword called [Germany]. Chances are that the number of occurences of the word 'Germany' on this page is plentiful, and so are the links (that are in fact useless and so only litter the page).

+++ Set type of bullets
is there a way to have other than just numbers or bullets? e.g., it would be great to also be able to use lowercase and uppercase letters, and even Roman numerals

+++ Edit stylesheets in WikidPad
Might be nice if there was an option somewhere which says "edit the
stylesheet for this wiki".. then I don't have to care where it is -
and WP can sort it out?

+++ Reload menu plugins during session (partly working)
For debugging purposes it would be great if I could force WikidPad to
reload the extensions without exiting WikidPad and starting it again.
Is there some function I could call to do that?

+++ Options to control relation graph/child graph better
> 1. Size
> The resulting graphs are relatively big; possibly a result of the rather large
> font size for the nodes.
> This results in too small a portion of the graph being visible in the (page) window.
> Having a larger part visible would more practical.
> 2. Style
> I think a "sans serif" font like arial or verdana would give a better display.
> The font size could be smaller; depending on the font name, something like 10
> would do, I guess.
> A slightly lighter gray for the default node fill color would be better also.
> Can you change that, or is there a place, where I can change it myself?
*Other opinion*:
I am "opposing" this request. If the wiki is small, the current setup is fine. If the wiki is big, changing the font size won't help either. Other solutions, like more settings or a better built-in graph viewer may overdo it (being a good image viewer might not be a core field of wikidpad). I think delivering the digraph data is more than enough, because those who want (and need) these graphs usually have fixed ideas about the format of the graph.

+++ Spell-check should omit links and similar non-plain-text

+++ Consistent tooltip-size and configurable tooltip font
This is a related request to extend the selected font size into the
"bubble" that appears when you hover the cursor on an overlong page name
in Tree View. The bubble font remains tiny on 1920x1200 displays.

Also, WikidPad uses a similar bubble for short_hint, the keyword that
offers a peek into a child page on the main display. In the editor, the
short_hint bubble uses a font size that is tied to the size of the page
display font. That's a great approach, although the typeface is fixed at
Courier, which is space intensive.

In the preview, the short_hint bubble uses the same tiny font as Tree
View bubble.

For consistency, I'd recommend in all three cases a bubble font that
matches the text it is serving to expand, in approximate size if not
exact typeface. Or, if that varies too dramatically with each wiki page,
the Tree font could also serve as the bubble font, since it's
user-selected for the entire wiki.

+++ Configurable structure window font

Is there a way to select the font used in the page structure window? It would be even nicer if one could set a different font/weight (bold etc) depending on header depth...

+++ Attributes backlinking
We already have the ability to create freely customizable "attributes"
for pages via a construct like [tags:mytag1;mytag2] and so on.
Essentially this resembles rather flat hierarchy of attribute / value
pairs. A great impürovement would be hierarchical categories.
Also wonderful and even more important for me would be the ability to
create content on a "category page".  With this I could do the
following: I create a page for a character I use in a story:
StoryCharacter where I describe its features. Then, whenever I write a
scene this character appears in I could set a tag like
[character:StoryCharacter] and automatically this new scene would
appear under the character in the tree. Ofcourse I can make a normal
link to the character in the storypage and then see the referring
pages when I press strg+uparrow, but having them appear in the tree
would be even nicer.

+++ Wiki links in attribute values
If not already possible, I'd like to be able to include wiki links with
in a tag, like [2007.Aug: 14 [CDB Project]].

I'd like to be able to embed a wiki word within these tags.  And then in
the left hand pain where I see these date tags under the "view" tree,
I'd like to be able to click on the link of the imbedded wikipage to
take me to the corresponding page.

+++ Option to start minimized in tray

+++ Attribute search by tree
I use attribute fields (or Tags) quite a bit. They allow topics with commonalities to group themselves on the tree, rather than relying on the user to place them on all pertinent list pages.

Attributes can be nested or not, as:




The latter has the advantage of granularity as a normalized representation of data. Your poisonous yellow mushrooms are seen in separate groups with all things poisonous, all things yellow, and all mushrooms.

But the former has the advantage of creating subgroups, isolating those pages that refer to more than one of these characteristics. Unfortunately, you've then committed to a fixed hierarchy. In the example above, you can't see all poisonous mushrooms without opening up the nodes for each color, and you can't list your mushrooms among all poisonous field organisms, or all yellow ones.

Ideally, we'd record attributes separately, for maximum flexibility. But suppose there were a functional page to specify how we'd like those attributes nested on the View Tree in a given instance. The page might specify no stacking, so that all the mushrooms are displayed alphabetically. Or we could have the tree group the mushrooms by color within toxicity, or toxicity within color, and be able to change these rankings as desired.

I'm sure we can obtain the intersection of attributes via a query. But could there ever be a way, in WikidPad, to arrange an entire View Tree node dynamically along those lines?

+++ Page insert graph
> 3. Page Insert graph
> Maybe Relation graph is supposed to show it, but if it isn't, it maight be an
> idea to create a graph that shows where pages are used as inserts; a bit like it
> is done for templates. Currently there is no other way to check the use of page
> inserts, since their relations are neither shown in parent- and/or child lists
> nor in the views tree.

+++ Functions for middle click on tab
    * Clone tab
    * Close tab

+++ Use paragraph (p) html tag if appropriate [low prio.] [Req. count: 2]
> I noticed, that the generated html for preview - have not yet tried export -
> does not use the

element; also not when paragraph_mode is set to true. > So it's no use, trying to use p{ .....} style elements in the css file(s) *Addition:* Just make shure though that you don't get yourself into additional trouble, because browsers have their own idea's about what to do with default margins, padding and other stuff in and around paragraphs. It might become more difficult to get the layout (roughly) the same in internal preview and external preview/browsers. And also into additional parsing problems, since you would have to be quite sure about what ís and what is not a paragraph and that might be a bit difficult to do if you - next to the standard wikidpad stuff - also have to deal with inline html, that might contain it's own paragraph elements, next to div's, tables, lists, etc. You might be getting close to creating a full fledged (x)html parser. The reason I'm also saying this is with the memory in the back of my head of what the present insertion of \
's and \

    's (for indentation) is doing to the possibility of writing larger html constructs like tables. I'm a bit afraid, that inserting \

    's in the same sort of way, will make that worse. +++ More HTML markup In general I'd be happy to see more markup in the HTML exports, to have more power with CSS. For example: Putting wikiwords in own div/id when the are exported into ONE HTML-File. +++ Editor should indent subsequent lines of bulleted paragraph I would really like Wikidpad to automatically indent the second and subsequent lines of a bulleted paragraph in the editor. At present (v2.0beta09) a long paragraph in bulleted list has an indented first line but subsequent lines wrap all the way out to the left edge of the editor window. I would really like to see the first character of the second etc lines, line up with the first character of the first line (after the bullet and space). eg (imagining the example below were a single paragraph) * this is the first line of a bulleted paragraph and this is the second line of the same paragraph That would make bulleted lists much clearer in the editor. This is exactly how they work in Preview (but I rarely use Preview). +++ Wikize word enhancements the first letter of words will be upper case (e.g. 'case' becomes [Case]) when wikized. Also I suggest wikizing should behave like bold and italics. (i.e. if the cursor is inside a wo|rd, it should wikize the whole [word], not like 'wo[]rd'.) +++ Wiki-bound color settings for editor and tree It's possible that i just overlooked how this is currently achievable, but is it possible to change the color settings so that they operate per wiki? I'm specifically referring to editor background color, and tree background color. This would help us identify and visually separate different wikis, and contexts, at a glance when we have more than one wiki open. If this is available via global attribute settings, i haven't found how (although, admittedly, i didn't look too hard, and apologize in advance) +++ Chron.view: Customizable colors for text and background +++ Hide tagged blocks during page insertion For example, a page may show many details which are too much when included in another page. It is desirable that we can mark blocks within a page designating it to be excluded when being inserted into another page via the [:page:?] tag. Even more ideal if such blocks can be named, and during insertions, we can specify which sections to include/exclude. Example (with verbose mocked up tags for showing idea): >>> >>> ---page to be inserted---[page1] [blockstart;suppress_during_insertion_by_default] This will be shown if inserted into another page. [blockend] This will not be shown if inserted into another page, but will be shown if this page itself is viewed. <<< ---end of page to be inserted--- >>> >>> ---start page where insertion happens---[page2] [:page:page1] <<< ---end of page where insertion happens--- >>> >>> ---result when previewing [page2]]--- This will be shown if inserted into another page. <<< ---end of result when previewing [page2]]--- +++ Timeview: Customizable colors for busy days [low prio.] > Just a cosmetic thing, but I find black (shades of) very siniter to mark the busiest days. Like somebody died then. Maybe this could be set by the user? +++ Wiki info dialog (initially done) Containing database backend and some stats +++ Find/Replace History (done for during session) +++ FTP transfer by the way, this FTP syncing capability would be a very nice addition to wikipad. I could imagine just pressing a button to backup by ftp, or to restore by ftp a whole wiki... wow... +++ History of searches, opened wiki words, autocompleted terms and opened wikis > * drop-down history of typed-in searches in Search Wiki? Same for Open > Wiki? (I know there is Save Search) +++ Focus to editor after dropping text on it. *Problem*: Focusing during drag'n'drop operation doesn't work, CallAfter doesn't work. +++ Allow paragraph_mode setting for part of a page Is there a way, to prevent wikidpad from adding a < br /> at the end of a line? I tried putting a backslash at the end of the line, but that doesn't help. Didn't expect it to really, but hei, you never know. The problem is, that I tried to define a table for layout sake, using html tags (can't use the wikidpad version), but got a whole lot of empty lines before the table was finally shown. +++ "Search wiki" dialog: Show using a saved search And to do something simular for saved searches. Like highlighting it in the saved search list if the current on ís a saved search and not highlighting one if it isn't? +++ Option to keep particular attributes open in tree > Question: Can we freeze open a category within the Views menu? For > example, I have Importance as a top level category in Views and under > it there is High and there is Low and under those there are items. > Could be something like (I'll use dashes in this note to indicate sub > levels): > > Importance > ----high > ------change the tires > ------check out the new program > ----low > ------look over past report > > etc. Or, that could be a todo list. When the wiki opens, or > apparently when I move to certain pages, the Views tree collapses and > thus my Importance items collapse (as do the other Views items). > Thus I simply see: > > Importance > > amid the other Views items. But what I was wondering is, is there > something I can optionally do to keep the item from collapsing; i.e., > to keep it expanded. I would like to have the Importance entries > optionally always open to serve as a reminder rather than have to go > through opening it all up each time. I haven't found anything to > indicate that that's supported so I thought I'd ask. +++ Colored tabs Also tab color should be defined either in the wiki page (with overwriting tag that can overwrite tab color settings ) or on the tab with right click(with overwriting page color setting) +++ Modification time ordering I think it would be a great addition to have ability to sort based on last modified date of the topics. +++ Mod. date or days since last mod. in tree I'd actually like to see a number / date without moving a mouse. +++ Process HTML comments this Dosnt work in the wiki. In Preview i can read it, this would be ok. But when i export the wikiword then wikidpad translate the in HTML Entitys so the Browser shows it at all. +++ Custom HTML header > Is it possible to add an extra option, which allows you to change or > create a totally new header for the html file (that includes jscripts i > have written or other custom css sheets?), that is exported or > previewed? +++ Relative interwiki links Is there a possibility for relative interwiki links? Maybe a more general "relative path" solution could be introduced for all of the links. +++ Lockable tabs I start-up WikidPad with command line parameters which open my wiki with 4 different tabs. I use them as them as a sort of bookmarks. Problem is I click away while working on things and with time, the 4 tabs point to four useless pages, instead of my favorites. A solution to this would be tabs that can be "locked" while still allowing navigation. in other words, when I click away to another tab, I want the tab i'm switching away from to switch back to pointing at the initial page. this could be done, with an (un)checkable context menu item for each tab. I know I could use bookmarks, but that's the long way for something that could be done the way described above. +++ Graphical view of interconnection between pages > I like the wikidpad application, though I wish it would use a tab to > show GraphViz diagrams to show the inter-relations between the > current page and other pages, in the way that pimki does. +++ Timeline of pages (when last-modified or created or visited) > Well before I discovered Wikidpad I bought Evernote. It has a sexy UI, > multiple app integration via its clipper add-ins, but doesn't have > wiki links! > > Also Evernote has a "timeline" view - which is a simple ribbon UI with > lines corresponding to when something was modified. This would also > address this time requirement - and the way Evernote have done it is > rather nice (but a bit limited - only shows creation date - not > modified date or days old) > > The idea is good - Michael could improve on it significantly I'm sure. > There is a 30 day free eval if you want to take a peak Michael. No > harm in stealing ideas from others. ;) +++ Timeline journal support > i think i have an additional idea for timeline functionality. I have > read many times that alot of people were asking date based topic > creation for journaling and blogging. Would not it be great if we had > a right click function on timeline that lets you create a new topic > named with date ? +++ Sort colors by hue > 4. Editor - Add Color Property > Not a bug, but it'd be more intuitive if the colors were sorted by > color/value instead of name. +++ Option for placement of "modified-within" (and other views in general). Could move it (modified within) left a level to the same level as Views. +++ Drag and drop from tree into pagelist dialog Have you thought of allowing drag and drop from the main tree, or is that a big problem with dialog forms? Or alternatively of a type-ahead or auto-complete facility? Or the "copy page link from tree", we talked about, once that is implemented. Not meant as a request, just an idea. With all the facilities of wikidpad, the user could be a bit better supported in the area of entering page names in the dialog. Something for some future release maybe. +++ Drag and drop text into tree item 3. ...and most importantly. Please implement drag-and-drop. Allow me to select text and just drag-it to a sibling to add the contents to it. Would save a lot of time. Holding ctrl or alt or something while draging into a sibling could create a new sub-sibling of that sibling and pop-up a "readily available" input box to name give it a name. Select. Copy. Click on sibling. Scroll down. Click on page. Paste. Go back to initial position. Repeat. vs. Select. Drag. Repeat. +++ Drag and drop text into tree for new wikiword to enable drag-and-drop for the purpose of easily creating a new wikiword from a snippet on a page. I could drag paragraphs from the ScratchPad for example, into the tree, and WikiPad would create a new page, containing what has been dragged while automatically offering an input-box asking for a new wikiword, a label for that new page. This procedure has it's advantages over the "Replace text by Wikiword". It spares you time, you'll still have to select and name, but: - you won't have to click on the menues or press Ctrl-Shift-R - you won't have to cut - and paste (move) the new word to it's new place - by selecting the parent page from the tree - and then clicking inside that page All the above reduces to: select, drag-and-point-and-drop and name. Might not look like this would take too long, but if you have to do it over and over again... it might take a while. This approach would make things a snap. Whether the new wikiword is appended at the end or begging of the page it is being dragged over to, could be specified with an option or by holding down or not a modifier key. +++ Find multiple identical todos on same page << For example, I'm building a source code database. Every now and then, I need to insert "todo: refractor" and such. Or, I need to mark a block of code with tag "track.version: 2.4". When I put the same tag on two pages, everything works alright, but when I use the tag two times on same pages, only the first one is detected. I would like all tags to be displayed in View section, even if they lead to the same page (they link to different sections of the page). >> +++ Ensure visibility of autocomplete popup Speaking of the autocomplete suggestions window: don't know if you've noticed, but if you switch to another window while on (without choosing a suggestion), it will stay on top. it is quite funny, actually, and maybe shouldn't be fixed, though. Also, if you use autocomplete near the end of the sentence (near the right edge of the monitor) it will not be visible, as it runs out of screen. +++ Wiki-bound plugins (especially for wiki-language) I am using a customized wiki syntax. This works fine for my own wikis, but if I open the help wiki or a wiki shared with a friend, the syntax is messed up because these use the original syntax. Therefore it would be favorable if the syntax definition could be stored inside each wiki. +++ Create and save screenshots Create screenshots of full screen or selected rectangle and store as file. +++ Different tab colors for edit/preview > Could tabs which are displaying in preview mode differ in colour from > tabs in edit mode, as those in preview mode are read only. *Details*: Native wxNotebook doesn't support this, wait for AUI +++ Allow \n in date format Using the Insert date function; Is there a way to automatically add a carriage return to the end of the string? +++ Remove inserted pages from "parentless" list > - Related: I use the "parentless-nodes" to track down wiki words that > have somehow got disconnected; unfortunatly, "parentless-nodes" also > includes those wiki words that are inserted only. Suggestion: remove > inserted wiki words from "parentless-nodes". +++ Store time of last visit, present "unvisited-within" > I am studying for an exam. I wrote my summaries in WikiPad, it's all > hyperlinked. The problem is, it's hard to tell whether I have > read/studied/visited all wiki pages during my study session. Therefore, > I figured I needed a mechanism to tell me the "freshness of my > footsteps" visiting the pages. What if I totally skipped a very > important page? > > The idea above led to a potential solution: add an extra type of > (logical) view, similar to your existing modified-within. In my case, I > want to see the unread-within (or unvisited-within). I would be > interested in clicking and seeing which ones I have not read in the past > 24h. I would imagine that the interval (24h, 8h, 15mis) could be a > global wiki setting or something. > > I think this feature would be very useful. It calls the attention to > potentially stale pages or, in my case, pages I may have missed while > studying. +++ More customization of shortcuts especially multiple date formats << That's awesome! Although I searched throught he Wikidpad Help and didn't see any reference to ctrl-alt-d. I find the journaly aspect of wikedpad extremely useful. I love to see more funtionallity built around this. It would be nice if there were other key combinations I could customize. For example if I want a journal for fixing up my hotrod I prefix with string with [hotrod.*] and for my Brain surgery research I'd used [brains.*]. I see that with the Global Script library I can basically do this using python functions, but would like to see this more into the basic functionallity. >> +++ Context menu entry for every window to hide that window +++ Allow to store selections in Export or Print dialog as presets +++ Options to set defaults for Export and Print dialog +++ Breadcrum navigation one should at least be able to quickly do with the mouse, what one can do with the keyboard; example: the Ctrl+H function could do with a mouse equivalent in the form of "breadcrums" (yes I know Ctrl+H is also in the menu) +++ Allow images as thumbnails Clicking on a picture of reduced size might open the picture in original size. +++ Insertion for thumbnails Create small sized image containing a link to full size image +++ Second click on active tab to switch editor/preview if you clicked on an open (and active) tab a second time it would switch between editor/preview?, but I guess this should only be an added way as it wouldn't be too obvious for new users) +++ URL activation with "open with" option > open with: Sometimes, I wish I could open a linked file with another > software than the default one. Maybe when you press CTRL and right click > a filename a special context menu would appear? or just a simple 'Open > With' right click menu item? or the whole windows context menu that you > get when right clicking files? (Sorry, but I have no idea, whatsoever, > of the options that you have to make it as simple as possible). +++ Fast search field for wiki words Above the tree and should work like the "Open Wiki Word" dialog +++ Auto-replace during typing Words in a special list should be changed automatically if they are typed. +++ More shortcut customizations > (Having mentioned shortcut keys: is there any ways to change ctrl-space > to e.g. alt-space for wikiword autocomplete? +++ Enhance context menu of the editor > 2. Is it possible to improve right click menus in the Edit/Preview > panes? I mean in Edit, I felt I could do with the Editor menu's > functions in the right click menu (maybe the whole Editor menu, but > definitely some, like "Add icon...", "Text blocks", etc). I find tagging > a bit fiddly, even with auto complete... > Thanks. I'd suggest adding: > > Wikize Selected Word > Add Text Block > > Rename Wiki > > Export Current Wiki...? *Details*: Make it fully configurable? +++ Configurable modified-within > I'm new to wikidpad, and I'm slowly getting love it. I really like the > "modified-within" autogrouping. Is there any way I can extend the > current 1,3,7 & 30 date ranges? Ideally I'd like make them none > overlapping ranges too. Everything else seems to be configurable - is > this? +++ Flat-folding Show all or selected level of headings in the same fold-level +++ Option to ignore repeated attributes on a page. Normally, properties are intended to tag a whole page, therefore WikidPad thinks it is an error if the same property appears twice. I can at least create an option to switch off this behavior. +++ Fast update/rebuild Detect page files modified by an external program and update database. +++ Find/Replace over selection +++ Background save My wiki.sli file is 4,795,392 bytes in size, and I run it off a TrueCrypt partition on a USB stick. The USB stick doesn't have the fastest write time, so I find that whenever the database is saved (i.e., when I switch from one page to another) WikidPad hangs for a few seconds while it takes care of saving the data. I'm using the Compact Sqlite database version, but I've also tried Original Sqlite. Is there any way WikidPad could be enhanced with a background save option, so I could continue work while it's saving my database? Or is that option already present and I just haven't looked hard enough? ;-) *Details*: May be better to hold database in memory? +++ Option when to jump to stored cursor pos. > - Editor/Preview should only jump to saved cursor position when going > "back" or "forward" in history – not when activating a wiki word +++ Activate single wiki word in line > - if there is only one wiki word in a line Ctrl-L should activate it > no matter where the cursor is (that would work great for lists) +++ Syntax coloring for programming languages (edit and HTML export/preview) > I (sometime) use wikidpad to store some code snippets. > I enclose my code with << ... >> > But do you think we can enclose code into things like <> in > order to have c++ syntax coloring inside << and >>. +++ Option to prepend before clipboard snippets also with option to use date and/or time +++ mark search words in different color on found pages > mark search words in different color on found pages +++ Mark all found words on a page +++ Painting/handwriting > 10) How about making notes using one's own handwriting, for example > using the mouse. +++ Allow exchange of global config file during session +++ Customizable layout (esp. doc structure) > As its a new feature - he's a new suggestion. Can the doc structure be > dockable into the tree pane like "View" pane can? (or make it dockable > into the new timeline pane you are possibly considering ;) *Other*: I still think it should be shown over (overlaid on?) the tree pane, with a tab+keyboard shortcut. If I already have a tree-view pane visible, the documap thing will bloat the screen unnecessarily *Other*: Horizontal split (tree over editor) +++ Copy selected text from preview as HTML > Any chance there could be a right click option on the preview page > which says "copy selection to clipboard as HTML", then once I have the > preview correct, I can just copy the info I want into an email message. > Exporting a page and attaching it is a pain, especially if I only want > a section of the page. *Details*: wx.HTMLWindow must support that first or maybe the new wx.RichTextCtrl may help when switching to wxPython 2.8. +++ Search in preview mode [Req. count: 3] It would be really great if incremental and global search could center and highlight found words in preview mode. (It's more beautiful to 'surf' and 'search' the wiki in preview mode) +++ Timer hook > 4.It'll be very useful to have one more hook function, which is called > every x minutes. It helped to implement some PIM functionality for > example. +++ Before-export hook Would it be possible to provide a hook to allow an wikidPad extension to modify the "content" of a page before it is converted in Exporters.exportContentToHtmlString to HTML? +++ Internal: Reorganize handling of functional keys Especially in the editor. The large if/else construction in OnKeyDown is bad. Also allow better customization of keys +++ Toggle view tree on/off like main tree +++ Page- and wiki-wide statistics > Also How about a statistics page where wikipad shows number of > > > wikiwords, number of repeats of wikiwords, number of words, longest > > > wikiword, shortest wikiword, number of anything user defines or > > > anything Michael thinks worth putting in maybe. > > > > > > I think that this can be per page attribute or global attribute that > > > can be shown under "views". > > > > > > So if one puts [showstatistic!] in a page, there would be page under > > > "views " called "statistics" with the name of the page or global > > > place. In that page one can check if there are repeats of the > > > wikiwords etc to determine possible export problems? > > > > > > I also think that this can be a great helper for especially for > > > writers who need to check their number of words etc. > > How about a third tab "Stats" after "Edit" and "Preview"? Clicking on it > starts the calculation of per-page statistics and shows them if ready. > > As child of the "Views" tree node there could be an additional page for > page-independent wiki-wide statistics. Yes, this would be great. Would it be possible to create it in a way that users can add their own scripts (through some hook or something) for custom statistics? +++ Select multiple tree nodes > I see, thanks. I was trying under Views - parentless-nodes. I could use > the same Ctrl/ShiftPress+click (is it called "sticky selection"?) in > "Append/Prepend Wiki". +++ Autohide tab if only one present if there is only one wikipage open, the tab-row (whatever) could auto-hide itself (maybe optionally) to free up the wasted screen space (Opera calls it something like 'Only show when needed'?) +++ hide nodes in tree by attribute << > * EXCLUDING: (I had a feeling I have suggested this already, but I can't > find it in my previous e-mails, so skip it, please if I did so...) > Sometimes, I don't want a wiki to appear in the tree (neither under > Views). Could an [exclude(_from_tree):true] attribute be possible? And > then these pages would be available under "exclude(_from_tree)" under > Views? Or if you wanted to exclude attributes from under Views you could > add [exclude.icon:true]? (what if you write [exclude.exclude:true]?) >> *Details*: Implement for main tree, think again how to do for attributes +++ set node background color +++ Wikiwords in todo items I often tie WikiWords to todo items: \todo.personal: CallBank? Where CallBank? is a page with a bunch of information. The problem is that the CallBank? page does not appear as a subitem in the tree, and shows up as parentless in the views. It seems like that should get picked up by the system and handled like any other wiki page. +++ Better check for validity of special properties (partially done) +++ Options to switch off highlighting > Therefore it would be fine if we had an option to disable sync > highlighting for large pages. What do you think about an option like: > Disable sync highlighting for pages larger than X bytes. X is value > definable by the user. > > 5. Attributes: In terms of the sync. highlighting it would be fine if > it would be possible to turn highlighting on or off using these or > similar attributes: > \[global.highlighting: enabled] > \[global.highlighting: disabled] > \[highlighting: enabled] > \[highlighting: disabled] +++ tool bar button for bullets > How about an icon bar button for bullets, like the ones for italics and bold? +++ Visual indicator for saving > . could we have a simple visual indicator of when database is synced > with display; since autosave timing can be not so intuitive, and > screen updating a little lagging at times. +++ Tab after bulleted list to indent/dedent (option) [2 votes] I am using bulleted lists quite heavily while writing ideas, notes, etc. In order to structure them I use indentation. If possible I would like an enhancement in the indentation behaviour, pretty much as MS-Word does it: 1. More indentation ("|" indicates cursor position) --------------------------------------------------- * Text text text * | Result: * Text text text * | 2. Less indentation ------------------- * Text text text * more text more txt * | Result: * Text text text * more text more txt * | +++ Bug: rmdir Should delete non-empty directory when creating new wiki. os.rmdir(wikiDir) +++ 'Natural' sort for wiki words (half-way implemented) >> Technically "unsorted" means to make no effort to sort the words in any >> way. For Gadfly this is incidentally the order of appearance on the wiki >> page (what you presumably want) while Sqlite sorts here already > internally. >> >> I can add an additional sort order "natural" which would do what you > want. *Details*: Better natural sort in page list in page construction dialog +++ Copy pagenames to clipboard in dialogs In "open wiki word" and the multiple wiki word list dialogs +++ Show wiki word lists formatted as in tree > * Could maybe the wikis in the Open Wiki, View Parents/Bookmarks etc > windows appear like in the tree (with formatting and possibly with icons)? +++ Fullscreen mode > As I'm for unclattered working spaces, what about a 'maximize working > area' (or 'full screen view' if you like) kind of thing? (without menus, > toolbar, tree, status bar etc. sounds like zen of wikidpad, doesn'it?) *Details*: Make configurable what should be seen in fs. mode +++ HTML export: Main title for the whole wiki. +++ Highlight search terms in preview > When searching the search terms (when found) are highlighted in the > edit tab. In the preview tab this does not work... +++ Statistics about page visiting I imagine an atttibute of a profiler would be great for Wikidpad. That would work as follows: Every page storing 3 more elements: Click number ( direct clicking or by search ) on the last 7 days; 3 pages which has referred to this page the most and 3 pages which the users followed from this page. By storaging these pages one would be able to calculate relative succesfullness of pages. For example in a page, one would be able to see the popularity of the page on the lower right statusbar. ( That represents the click number of last 7 days ) And when one moves the mouse pointer to a link in the page, he would see that page's popularity on statusbar as well. Mostly clicked links in the pages would be coloured differently. And when user taps Ctrl + UP, the pages who has the highest clicking rate to this page would become at the top ( which can be either coloured differently ). +++ Select folded text when selecting heading maybe when you highlight a folded heading, the text (although not visible) under it should be highlighted/selected as well. so, when dragged (deleted), the text should be moved (deleted) too. (this is how old-school outlining works, anyway, and it has its ups and downs, so needs some more thinking. maybe deleting should work differently? or whole thing should be optional? brr, i don't like these questions... +++ Auto-unfold by text structure selection It would be nice to be bale to unfold the section just by clicking it in Page Structure to use bigger pages faster. If it would fold it back when some other section clicked it would be nice too. +++ Outline features (drag and drop bullets) > Supporting todo entries in bulleted lists was already requested some > > time ago. I think it will come some day but it is more complicated than > > it might look like at first glance. To explain what I mean... it's like bulleted lists but you can drag and drop, move above or uder, tab and untab easily every bullet. But like you say It looks somewhat difficult to do it in wikipad. Thanks for your concern. *Other* > * moving paragraphs/bullet items up and down (perhaps Alt-UP/DOWN) > * promoting/demoting bullet items (perhaps Alt-LEFT/RIGHT) > * better enumerations (currently enumerations don't update if the user > inserts items in the middle) +++ Moving paragraphs and folded groups > The ability to move paragraph/s up or down with a shortcut key combo > is one feature available in OpenOffice that I miss in WikidPad. That > is, to easily move an entire paragraph above or below the adjoining > paragraph. Perhaps ALT-UP and ALT-DOWN. > For headings I would say that if unfolded, treat all paragraphs > equally even if one is a heading, but if folded then move the entire > grouping under the heading. This could also work in the doc. structure > window. +++ No more delayed respect of camelCaseWordsEnabled attribute > (2) If I insert \[camelCaseWordsEnabled=false] in a page, in which > camelcase words have been detected before, the links stay until I switch > to another page and switch back afterwards. +++ Delete todo and properties from View tree << Currently we have a niceViews menu, but we can make it more functional. We can maybe delete items listed under attributes or special words. For example i have todo: please finish and this is under lets say "dailies" now i should be able to open views-todo and select "please finish " todo and delete. But when i delete it it should not be deleting the "dailies" page, it should just remove that "todo:please finish" from the page it belongs (which is "dailies") . In some cases todos may decribe a whole page , lets say todo:true, if that is the case then maybe we should be able to delete the whole page >> +++ Launching URL from tree node context menu Lets say i have a wikiword and there is only one url or file path there. It would be nice to have a right click tree menu item that is "open url" .If there is any file and web url listed in the content wikipad would launch the path when i select "open url" menu item. I understand that this can get very complicated and frustrating if one has more than one url in the content. But to me, user needs to comply with the rules of the application sometimes if the user wants app to behave properly. This will cut down steps of 1 selecting the wikiword with url 2 finding the url if it is embedded somewhere in the content 3 double clicking 4 going back to previous selected wiki +++ Faster syntax highlighting > I know that there's a thread that is supposed to work in background to > create the format, but it's really slow for me. > > Maybe it's possible to compute format just before and after current > caret position, or maybe even just for the current visible page. +++ Split view / Tabbed page panes > A related, but different, feature would be the ability split the edit > pane to undependably display two pages, or different ranges of the same > page. This would require keeping the 'tree-follow' function in sync > with the portion of the edit pane that had the focus. Note that a > splitable edit pane would not be a substitute for an "Open in New > Instance" function. *Related*: > TABBED WIKIWORD PANES > Have you ever considered introducing multiple tabbed panes with an > Edit/Preview switch button? Sometimes, I need to see several pages I > work from (that I want to READ) and another that I WRITE on. I can > manage this by 'Back' and 'Forward' or 'History' but still wish I could > have them all open at the same time. I mean I would have several > wikiwords open and they would each have a tab (where Edit and Preview > tabs are) on top with their names. > > PLUS: It could be also integrated into the tree. Let's say you want to > open all pages tagged \[CurrentProject:true] you right click on the > attribute under 'Views' and could choose to 'Open all wikis tagged > 'CurrentProject'' in multiple tabs. By clever tagging you could open > several pages in any combination you want. > > PLUS: You could also integrate this into the 'Open Wiki Word' (CTRL-O) > window. If you name your wikiwords themed (I do that anyway) e.g. > SpainArticle SpainResearch PopulationOfSpain etc. and you CTRL-O and > type 'Spain' in the field, you could open all wikiwords themed 'Spain'. > Also, the same could be integrated into Search Wiki (CTRL-ALT-F). > > PLUS: HoldDownCtrl+Click would also come in handy here. E.g. you pick > several wikiwords in the tree (or in the 'Open Wiki Word' window or in > 'Search Wiki'). Right click menu-->'Open all wikis tabbed'. The > HoldDownCtrl+Click would also be handy to delete several wikis (once you > mentioned deleting several wikis under 'parentless-nodes', but I don't > seem to find any function like that. Or is it ‘Vacuum Wiki’?) *Details*: > Currently I'm thinking about the following possibilities: > > > > - "Edit" and "Preview" tabs for each page (might become a lot of tabs) > > > > - One "Preview" tab which always shows the text from the last used edit tab > > > > - No more "Preview" and "Edit" tabs but an icon (or two) in toolbar (and > > a key shortcut) to switch between edit and preview mode for a page (each > > page has a tab, of course) *Votes*: 1 for option 1 (page tabs at top, edit/preview at bottom) 3 for option 3 +++ Parentless words as family wiki-words > Then a bug report: if a wikiword (e.g.: AaA) is the child of a parent-less > wikiword (e.g.:BbB), AaA doesn't show up in the tree view. I expected to see > AaA as the child of BbB, with BbB showed under the parent-less-nodes node. +++ Open in new instance > When Shift-clicking on a wikiword, in either the tree or in a page, a > new instance of WP will open to that wikiword/page. Alternately, or in > addition, have "Open in new Instance" be an option when Right-clicking > on a wikiword/page. +++ Configurable delimiters to enclose wiki words instead of brackets Using the same delimiters for wikiwords and properties makes sense to me. More consistent, and doesn't require having to think about it. +++ Multiple icons for tree node (to the left and/or right of wiki word) I think that this would be tremendous addition to wikipad. Because this way one can assign different features-definitions through iconic represantation. And also we should be able to put the icons in front or in back if the wikiword +++ Combined shortcut Wikize word + go to new word > You can already use "Editor"->"Wikize Selected Word" (or press Ctrl-J) > > to turn some selected text into a wiki word (mainly by adding brackets) > > and then press Ctrl-Enter to go to the newly created word. Well i was just trying to find a faster way, that is all. It is not a must have, especially when we could have treeview wikiword creation +++ Random word at startup > Michael--Thanks for incorporating the "First word at startup" option > in the latest release. As an extension (or antithesis) of that > feature, might it also be possible to have an option to start on a > random page? This would be amusing and useful in the sense of > reminding us of the existence of long-forgotten pages.